Sundown Cory Crossroads BrianWhen I was in Film school a few years back, we actually shot everything on film, 16mm film, it came in 400 foot cans and you had to load the magazines in a black bag all by feel blindfolded as not to expose the film, and this had to be done every ten minutes!!! In fact most of my first jobs on movie sets was as a second camera assistant and all I did all day long was load film mags, after on summer I could load an ARRI II magazine in about 25 seconds flat.

Then in 1997  a funny thing happened digital tape became really small and really high quality they Called it Mini DV.  The tape was about two thirds the size of a business card and cold hold 30mins of footage!!! it was mind blowing! of course we still shot everything on film because it looked better but the winds were blowing. In 2000 Canon also released it’s first digital SLR the D30 it was a camera that you could see the photos as soon as you shout them no dark room how crazy was that!   and the best part about the new camera as far as I was concerned was that the Canon Xl1 video camera and the Canon D30 DSLR had inter changeable lenses, so I only needed on set of glass it was brilliant. Really the only problem was that the image quality of the Canon D30 was horrible 3.1 megapixels and Canon Glass was also horrible but who cared you could see the photos as soon as you shot them and it didn’t cost you anything!!!! you could just reuse your 16 megabyte card over and over  it was crazy!!!! you could hold 40 photos on one of those almost twice as many as a standard roll of film!!!!   The world seemed like it was exploding with futuristic technology!!!!

So most people started buying Canon cameras because they were first and we got hooked on their interchangeable lens kits  rental houses only had to buy one set of glass so they save half the out put cost…  Canon is still the world wide leader in DSLR’s (sigh) because of this, So we all shot on canon that’s just the way it was  some people shot video on a Sony pd150 but as that was a fixed lens camera it wasn’t nearly as versatile as the XL1 so the PD150 wasn’t as popular the end.

Now as  Canon was eating up the Digital Market, other camera companies  such as Minolta and Nikon thought that a better investment was still in Film and lens production but that didn’t stop them from trying the digital market, in fact Nikon’s first digital camera the D1 came out a year before the Canon D1 but the Nikon was crazy expensive and was only 2.7 megapixels, so nobody bought it.

Minolta  stayed right out of the digital area until it merged with Konica. Konica then sold all their camera and Lens technology to Sony, and Minolta one of the greatest camera makers of all time ceased to make cameras and lenses, (sigh) but this did lead to the Development of Sony’s Alpha line of digital cameras in 2006 that though not as popular as Nikon or Canon were of fantastic Glass quality because of a 75  years of  Minolta  development.

The end of my canon story is that My Canon broke on me during a shoot in 2008 I didn’t have a lot of cash on hand but I needed a camera stat, so in a strange deal I got a Nikon D90 and some cash for my canon gear, Best Accident Ever!!!