lensbaby-0891 grave yard-1 grave yard-1-13 DSC_6390As far as camera bodies go now days every company does a great job and has very good tech. There are advantages and disadvantages to every body.

Sony’ alpha Series A850 and A900 are great cameras high megapixel at 24.6 counts and All the Minolta A mount glass you can dream of. Both the A850 and 900 are discontinued now but can be picked up relatively cheap off eBay. Minolta glass is of top quality, but can be expensive even used but deals are out there and since the Minolta AF system started in 1984 there is a lot of glass out there to be found! Ebay is still the best source and you can find everything you could ever want but it’s also the most expensive. most of the Minolta AF telephoto’s such as the 300mm 2.8 prime is still selling in the 2500-3000$ range. but the more common primes even the pro 1.4’s can be had under 1000$ and I even found some in the 200 dollar range.     Also it should be noted that Sony is launching a new full frame camera line soon and hopefully it will have a the modern frills that the earlier Alphas didn’t. Right now a shooter on a budget can pick up a A900 with 24mp for under 1500$ off eBay I also saw the famous Minolta  50mm af 1.4 prime for under 200$ and no other place can you get that performance for that price.