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As most of you know I’m a die hard Nikon Fan but this wasn’t always the case, there was a time not so long ago that I was among the dreaded Canon faithful.

As with most photographers I started my digital life with a canon and thought that the little d30 and later 30d were great cameras. On a shoot in southern California a strange miracle happened I went to turn on my canon 30d and it broke, the little canon wouldn’t power up so I found my self 3000 miles from home on the biggest commercial shoot of my short career without a working camera. I calmly walked over to the makeup artist said hello to the talent, told the make up artist to take their time that they had all morning to get the talent just right. I then calmly walked over to the Ad Executive said hey I’ve got great news I just found out that I can get a special lens for the shoot and was going to step out to pick it up while the talent was in hair and make up. The Ad executive’s only question was is this in the budget? I said of course! and off I calmly walked out of the studio. the second the studio door shut behind me i was off and running in a panic… down the halls in  a panic… out the door in a panic… to my car in a panic… i quickly dialed the operator asking for a camera shop since i didn’t know the area.. driving the streets of LA in a panic… running into said camera store in a panic and up to the counter where i traded in my canon gear a little Nikon d90 and a couple of lenses.

I jumped back into the car raced back to the studio and calmly walked in. the hair and make up was almost done, I walked over to the Ad executive and chatted a little bit about something i have no idea what since the adrenalin was coursing through my veins and then did the shoot.

The shoot turned out perfect and now I was a Nikon shooter…